Clairmont Campus

Clairmont Campus at Emory University is the most popular site for Emory students to live. Located less than a mile from Emory’s central campus, it is accessible by shuttle or a pedestrian bridge. It combines sleek architecture and generous green space, creating a community set off from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta.

Clairmont Campus contains three University Housing complexes: the Clairmont Tower, the Undergraduate Residential Center (URC), and the Clairmont Residential Center (CRC). In total, the Clairmont Campus has a residential capacity of more than 1,500. SIHP residents stay in the URC and the CRC. All apartments consist of private bedrooms, full bathrooms, a full kitchen and a living area. The apartments provided are fully furnished. A covered and gated parking deck is located adjacent to the URC and CRC for convenient and safe parking. Parking is included in the nightly housing cost.

Clairmont Campus is generously staffed. With the SIHP Office open much of the time, and a staff member on-call for after-hours emergencies and lockouts, you can always find help when you need it. The Emory University Police Department, a fully operational police agency within DeKalb County, regularly patrols Clairmont Campus, as well as the numerous emergency phones which link you directly to emergency personnel located on the campus.

The Student Activity and Academic Center (SAAC) is located on Clairmont Campus and all SIHP participants receive free access to it during their stay. Additional buildings on the Clairmont Campus include the Autism Center, the Clifton School, The Mason Mill House and Winn-Dixie Hope Lodge, and various support buildings. Immediately adjacent to Clairmont Campus is the Lullwater Estate, a 660-acre nature preserve which includes hiking and biking trails, large fields, a lake, and the University President’s home.