Checking In


All residents may check in during the following office hours:

Monday - Friday | 8 am - 8 pm
Saturday - Sunday | 12 noon - 5 pm

If you need to make arrangements for an after-hours arrival, you must notify the SIHP Manager at least two weeks in advance to ensure proper staffing.

Check-in will be held in the SIHP office on the entry level of the Clairmont Tower on the Clairmont Campus.


When arriving, please park in the circle outside the Tower until you are issued your parking pass. You must register the license plate number and valid driver's license on your SIHP account to receive a parking pass.

Please move your vehicle as soon as you have completed the check-in process. The parking decks are connected to the apartment buildings, and you may unload in there. Moving trucks may not fit into the parking decks.

Residents are required to make their first payment by 5pm the evening before their check in. The minimum amount due is the rent total for nights through July 1st (if arriving after June 30th, the entire balance is due upon arrival). You may pay for your entire stay upon arrival, or defer the July/August balance until July 1st. You may pay with Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, or Discover, but we cannot accept cash or checks for any amount.

Upon paying, you will receive an apartment key, building entrance card (that also allows access to the Student Activity and Academic Center), a parking pass, an information sheet including a link to the Resident Arrival Report, and internet access information. All bedrooms are private, and you will be the only resident with a key that opens your bedroom. Please be careful with these items during your stay; do not lose them. There are charges for any lost keys or unreturned items upon checkout.

Finally, the Resident Arrival Report is an important form that documents the condition of your apartment at the time of move in and will be used to assess damages to the apartment at the time of checkout. It is imperative that this form be filled out completely and thoroughly. You will have 48 hours to complete this report and submit it to the SIHP Manager.