Checking Out

Residents must check out and return all housing items (keys, building access card, parking pass, etc.) on or before their scheduled departure date in order to avoid additional charges. Please refer to the SIHP License (located in your SIHP account) for most updated prices for lost keys and parking passes.

Check out can happen at any hour of the scheduled departure date. To properly check out, please bring your keys and parking pass to the SIHP office. Pick up the SIHP Express Form, fill it out in its entirety, place your keys and parking pass in the envelope, and return them to the office. If the office is closed, you may slip it in the mail slot of the door. Please try to put your name on the envelope, in case it gets separated from your Express Form.

Do NOT check out until you have completely moved out of your apartment. If you return your items and continue to move out, you may be charged an improper check out fee or for the additional night(s) you or your items remain in the apartment. A staff member will perform the check out inspection shortly after you check out, even if other residents occupy the rest of the apartment.

Any items left in the apartment will be removed or thrown out. It is important to leave the apartment in the condition you received it. Please ensure you clean your bedroom and any common areas you used, including the bathroom. Vacuums are available to check-out at the Student Activity and Academic Center.

For tips on avoiding damages and leaving your apartment in good condition, please visit the Residence Life & Housing Operations website.

If our office does find the need to charge for improper check-out, damages, or additional cleaning, the SIHP Manager will email you within a week of your departure. If there are no charges, you will not receive an email.

You may add additional nights to your stay as long as it is within the program dates. Please send a written request to add nights to the SIHP Manager. The SIHP Manager will add the nights to your stay and send you the bill for the additional nights. You will need to make payment for those nights within 48 hours of receiving the bill.