All resident and guest parking decks are operated and maintained by university Parking Services. The rules and regulations of Parking Services must be abided by whenever parked on campus, and the SIHP staff cannot provide assistance with tickets issued by the parking enforcement staff.

Resident Parking
Residents are given access to the secure, covered parking deck adjacent to their building assignment. The parking facilities are controlled by an electronic swipe system. Upon check-in, you will be issued a parking pass, which will provide you access to the URC and CRC parking decks. This pass must be hung on the rearview mirror of your car at all times while in the parking deck. Please note that there are no reserved parking spots in these decks. While each deck has more than adequate spaces to accommodate all students, we cannot guarantee parking in a particular deck or level.

Guest Parking
Paid guest parking is available in the lower level of Starvine Parking Deck, owned and operated by Parking Services. After turning onto Starvine Way off of Clairmont Road, take Starvine Way to the first left and follow the signs for visitor parking.

The upper levels of Starvine Parking Deck are closed to visitors during weekdays from 6AM to 4PM; however, outside of this time (including all day on weekends) the gates are opened for general use. During this time, guests may park throughout the deck at no cost, but must leave before the gates close at 6AM on the next weekday. The gate to the upper levels of the parking deck at the first stop sign on Starvine Way. You may park anywhere not marked as reserved parking.