Summer Intern Housing Staff

The Summer Intern Housing Program prides itself on the high level of customer service offered. In order to achieve this, we maintain the highest quality staff. Our entire staff is thoroughly trained, and has a strong customer service background.


Sherry Ebrahimi, CCEP
Director, Conference Services

The primary function of the Director of Conference Servicesis to serve the Emory University community (deans, faculty, administrators, department heads, and students) by planning educational conferences, conventions, seminars, and special events to be conducted on Emory’s campus. This position also assists in serving the outreach goals of Emory’s Office of Conference Services by marketing the campus to local, regional, national, and international community and bringing programs to the campus that are external to the University. Additionally, the Director of University Conferences oversees all professional and managerial staff in the Office, and serves as the liaison to Campus Life.

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Sherry Ebrahimi received her B. A. from Emory University and her M.S. from Florida State in Higher Education Administration. Sherry has worked at Emory in many different capacities, and took over as the Director of University Conferences in Spring of 2002.

[e] sherry.ebrahimi@emory.edu
[p] 404.727.0429
[f] 404.727.4774


  Joe Sindad
Associate Director, Conference Services

The primary responsibility of the Associate Director of Conference Services is to develop marketing initiatives for the Summer Intern Housing Program and coordinate the Conferences program at Clairmont Campus. Additionally, the Associate Director supervises student staff and assists with operations on the main campus.

Originally from St. Augustine, Florida, Joe Sindad received his B.A. in T.V. Production and Psychology (2009) from the University of Central Florida and his M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Policy (2011) from the University of Utah. With past experience in career counseling, residence life, and conference services, Joe began working as Associate Director of University Conferences in March 2014.


[e] j.sindad@emory.edu
[p] 404.727.7632
[f] 404.727.4774



  David Dvorak
Conference Coordinator, Conference Services

The Conference Coordinator of Conference Services is a full-year fellowship program offered to recent Emory graduates through the Division of Campus Life at Emory University. This position is prirmarily responsible for the recruitment and selection of student staff, development of publications, and marketing for the department. The Conference Coordinator also supervises student staff.

[e] david.dvorak@emory.edu
[p] 404.727.0428
[f] 404.727.4774



SIHP Manager, Conference Services

The Summer Intern Housing Program (SIHP) Manager is a part-time position from January to April, and full-time from May through August. This position oversees all aspects of the Summer Intern Housing Program, including occupancy management, billing, programming, customer service, and staff scheduling.

[e] sihp@emory.edu
[p] 404.712.2492
[f] 404.727.4774