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Contact information for the Emory University Designated Agent for Notification of Claimed Infringement Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Do NOT use this address for requesting permission to republish copyrighted materials. For such permission, contact the author or publisher of the material you wish to republish. Use the Emory Online Directory and Search Engine to locate appropriate contacts at Emory. Please understand that Emory may not possess legal right to grant permission to republish some materials legally displayed on its Web sites.

Chris Kellner
Associate General Counsel
Office of the General Counsel
Emory University
101 Administration Building
Atlanta, Ga. 30322
Tel 404.727.6012
Fax 404.712.5522

NOTE: For purposes of security and of limiting spam, the e-mail address above will generate an automatic e-mail reply requesting confirmation. The sender will receive an e-mail with instructions for confirmation, which must be followed before the e-mail will be released for delivery.