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Framing Principles

Four framing principles represent foundational practices designed to support the activities, plans, and programs throughout the University and enhance how Emory connects to the wider community and society.  These framing principles are reflected in all themes, initiatives, schools and units.  Framing principles are:  Societal Impact, Internationalization, Creativity:  Art and Innovation, and Strategic Collaborations.   


Creativity:  Art and Innovation

Creativity:  Art and Innovation cuts across all disciplines and divisions - where innovation occurs in archival research, laboratory techniques, in classroom teaching, and in other activities that enhance Emory's culture.  The Arts also represent one of our best strategies for building community both within and beyond the walls of the University.  The strategic plan asks the Emory community to consider how its initiatives manifest creativity or innovation, whether in the arts, the sciences, the humanities, administration or service.

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Societal Impact

Emory continues its legacy of bringing scholarship to bear on society-in the words of the Emory vision, "to work for positive transformation in the world."  Emory's initiatives must consider policy matters; must generate published and widely-cited scholarly work; and must demonstrate what Emory's vision statement calls "leadership in . . . social action."



Strategic Collaborations

As a community "working collaboratively" in countless ways, Emory faculty, staff, students and alumni accomplish their goals through internal and external partnerships. For decades, discovery and learning have been nurtured within the Emory community through interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching. Beyond campus, key linkages both locally and internationally have guided and empowered Emory's work. Moving forward, Emory will measure its progress in various initiatives by the degree to which they engage in and are informed by such collaborations.



Emory's strategic plan pushes every part of the University toward the vision statement of being "internationally recognized" and “working for positive transformation in the world,” therefore internationalization is considered in every new initiative. This principle thus guides community members to ask the question, "In what way does my program or initiative bring the world to Emory or take Emory into the world more emphatically?"

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