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How Do I?

Detailed instructions for some of the following tasks can be found in the Compass Online Job Aids.


Reimbursements for travel or other personal outlays of money are processed through an expense report in Compass.  To ensure that your expense report is submitted correctly please: 

-Change the expense type to the appropriate category while expenses are still in your wallet
-Indicate a clear business purpose for expenses, especially for meals not associated with travel
-When meals have less than ten attendees, names and affiliation must be documented

Enter and submit an expense report for myself

Enter and submit an expense report as a proxy

Charge expenses to multiple departments

Modify a denied expense report or Delete a report

View my wallet transactions

Add multiple expense lines

Itemize hotel bills

Split receipts


There are several methods to pay for goods and services at Emory.  Please refer to the Emory Commodity Matrix to find out Emory's preferred method of payment for each situation.  Additional information about purchasing goods and services can be viewed at Emory's Procurement and Payment Services site.

Many departments need to pay non-Employees for work they performed.  In order to determine whether they should be paid as an Emory employee or as a contactor, please review the Employee vs Contractor page.

Once invoices to vendors have been submitted, you can check to see if the payment has been processed by accessing the Supplier Payment Inquiry form.  Emory has updated its payment disbursement schedule.  Please click here to review the changes.


Expenses related to travel are covered in the reimbursement section above.  Travel Advances can be obtained for international travellers or in other rare, special circumstances.  A Travel Advance Request Agreement must be completed and the policy regarding the advance should be reviewed. 

Complete information for booking and paying for travel can be found at Emory's University Travel site.