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Classic Act

What does it take to launch a first-time film festival in the heart of Hollywood? Join Turner Classic Movies’ Genevieve McGillicuddy 96G and a star-studded cast and crew to find out. Story

The New View

This is not your granddad’s entertainment industry. Story

Online Only: Special Report

The Gulf Warrior

Mobile Baykeeper Casi Callaway 91C leads battle to fend off oil spill. Story

Of Note Amazing Race photo

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Four students looking at film that has just been shot

Young Guns

A growing cadre of student filmmakers is creating Emory’s own new wave. Story


Pie in your Sy

TV writer Sy Rosen 69C has plied his craft for some of the most beloved shows in the business—and can spin stories that are the stuff of sitcoms. Story


The Profession of Rejection

After acting in a Brad Pitt movie, Chris DesRoches 02OX 04C awaits his next big break. Story


West Coasting

Two California alumni connect when one of the freshest writers on the magazine market—Mike Sager 78C—interviews one of L.A.’s hottest young talents, producer Jordan Wynn 00C. Story

Commencement 2010


The Commencenator

California Governor Schwarzenegger ‘pumps up’ grads. Story and Slideshow


Please Pass the Popcorn

“I’ll be taking these Huggies and whatever cash you got.” Read more



From our readers

“You mention Muhtar Kent of Coca Cola and Fecundo Bacardi 96L of Bacardi as additions to the Board of Trustees. Does this mean rum and Coke will be the drink of choice at all board meetings?”

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