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Liquid Revenue

“The products where there are not good substitutes are products we can continue to tax to generate more revenue, and it doesn’t really push people away from their consumption,” Goizueta Business School assistant professor Tom Smith told NBC Nightly News in an interview about state and city governments turning to the lucrative alcohol market.

Race and Politics

“The Democratic Party is not a panacea for all racial ills, and their record in terms of promoting blacks internally within their party leaves a lot to be desired. But on the whole, since Barry Goldwater’s campaign in 1964, blacks have perceived the Democratic Party to be the stronger party on issues related to civil rights. And as long as those issues are salient to African Americans, and as long as the Democratic Party is the clear party with strengths in that particular area, it’s going to be very difficult for any Republican candidate, regardless of his or her race, to be able to make inroads in the African American community,” said Andra Gillespie, associate professor of political science, on NPR’s Talk of the Nation about Herman Cain’s run for the Republican nomination.

Goodbye, Big Brother

“Suddenly, the big dog is gone. It’s not a bad thing. It’s like pruning a flower garden. . . . You trim back a bush, and the flowers behind it can now blossom,” said Marshall Duke, Charles Howard Candler Professor of Psychology, in a Washington Post story on the transition younger siblings experience when the older child goes to college.

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