Wonderful Wednesday

Bryan Meltz

Call it pushball light.

Keeping the fire burning: The inimitable Dooley was on hand to light the anniversary cauldron on the Emory campus.

Bryan Meltz

The original Emory pushball weighed in at about 180 pounds, which is part of the reason why the annual rough-and-tumble freshman-sophomore match was outlawed in 1955. But a version of it was revived in October in honor of the university’s 175th anniversary during a special Wonderful Wednesday celebration, planned to get students into the anniversary spirit. 

The updated game—played on McDonough Field with a big, blue, inflatable ball weighing mere ounces—may have lacked the gravitas of its predecessor, but then it was missing the accompanying concussions and broken bones, too.

Nearby, on Asbury Circle, a live band played covers of 1970s hits. Hot dogs, anniversary cupcakes, and Coca-Cola products completed the atmosphere of festivity.

The day before, Oxford College Dean Stephen Bowen lit a torch at Oxford that was carried to the Atlanta campus for the Wednesday celebration.

College senior Haley Snyder 12C said the celebration felt “like a big family picnic.” And freshman Howard Lio 15C added, “It was nice to see some Emory spirit . . . this has been the best Wonderful Wednesday so far. It was great to even see President Wagner come out and get a chance to just chat with him.”

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