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As the New Year officially gets under way, you may be armed with a fresh list of resolutions. I’d like to propose a different kind of resolution this year—one that gives back. Resolve to get involved with Emory.

As one of our 114,000 alumni, you are vital to the success of Emory University. Your unique insight and experience are invaluable to your fellow graduates and current students alike. And opportunities to volunteer abound.

Nearly a quarter of Emory alumni volunteered their time for Emory last year, and alumni donations totaled more than $39 million. Your contributions do make a difference by providing crucial student and program support at Emory while building a strong alumni network. If you already contribute to Emory, thank you. If not, please do consider taking a proactive step toward invigorating your alma mater with your energy.

Through the Alumni Career Network, you can lend your expertise to career panels, networking nights, and seminars. Respond to students’ career questions on Facebook. Take part in the interviewing process to cultivate future Emory students, or get involved with this year’s class reunion at Homecoming. Lend a hand at an Emory Cares event, or share your energy with one of Emory’s chapters and interest groups in forty cities around the world.

Learn more information on the myriad ways you can volunteer.

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