Stone Cold Inspiration

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They defy students to goof off when they’re supposed to be studying.

Seven Greek statues now preside over the silent study area in the Candler Library building. Among them are a charioteer holding reins, a woman without a head, and two alleged king slayers. Four architectural models of sites in ancient Greece are also installed.

All honor the ten-year anniversary of the renovation of Candler Library. This summer, the Michael C. Carlos Museum pulled the works out of storage to be installed in the foyer and around the Matheson Reading Room for teaching as well as exhibition—and inspiration—purposes.

The statues are copies of works in museums scattered throughout Europe, says Todd Lamkin, director of collection services for the Carlos, cast in an era when travel and time were too dear to go and see the originals. The works are on loan from New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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