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Finance Whiz Kid

Darrah Brustein 06C embraced financial responsibility from an early age, when she earned an allowance for doing her chores. Not long after graduating from Emory, she was able to buy a car and a home, thanks to her hard work as a fashion sales rep and her determination to save, budget, and invest wisely. Now Brustein is filling what she views as a major educational gap and helping young children establish a foundation of financial understanding with her new book Money-Making Sunny, in which Sunny Squirrel and Daisy Deer learn how to use their allowances for long-term success. The book is the first of a six-part series, "Finance Whiz Kids." "Putting children in control of what they earn empowers them to budget both their time and money," Brustein says. She was one of seven young Americans invited to participate in the 2013 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, along with fellow Emory graduate, founder and CEO of iStrategyLabs Peter Corbett 03B. She also is president of the Emory Young Alumni Association.

We Love Them-Yeah, Yeah

Just when you thought there was nothing else to say about the Beatles, Andre Millard 83PhD offers a new take: Beatlemania: Technology, Business, and Teen Culture in Cold War America. According to Millard, the legendary success of the Beatles is owed in large part to a convergence of unprecedented developments in the music industry, including new technologies that made high-quality sound more accessible and an uptick in transatlantic cultural exchange. The book will no doubt provide valuable context as fans mark the fiftieth anniversary of the band's first US tour next year.

Got Lemons? Read Lemonade

In his new book, Lemonade: Inspired by Actual EventsBernard L. Dillard 96G, assistant professor of mathematics at the Fashion Institute of Technology and an actor who has appeared on the award-winning HBO series The Wire, draws on his own past experiences to explore tough topics such as absentee fathers, drug addiction, and sexual abuse. Although the book chronicles the difficulties Dillard has faced, hope shines through in the kindness of some of his adult role models and in the internal fortitude that resulted from his odyssey. "Despite obstacles you've encountered on the road to your selfhood," Dillard says, "you deserve the right to celebrate for making it to where you are today." Lemonade recently won the 2013 Global eBook Award in the Autobiography/Memoir category

Beyond Molly Brown

The mystery and tragedy of the Titanic's sinking are retold through a new lens—the eyes of two young children, Willa and Sam. In Ahoy Titanic! A Child's Tour of the Great Ship, written by Cheryl Muré 78C and Cassie Jones, the fictional brother and sister explore real places on the famous ship, meeting real passengers and crew members along the way. The book's story is complemented by historical context, including a diagram of the ship and mini-biographies.

A Loving God

During his twenty-five years as a minister and pastoral counselor, Edwin Chase 65C found that many people seem to believe in a harsh and difficult-to-please God. In his book God's Relentless Love, he seeks to portray a God that inspires love rather than fear. In 2012 Chase's book won second prize in the "inspirational" category of the forty-eighth annual Georgia Author of the Year Awards.

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