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Allison Dykes

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Greetings, Friends.

Fall is such a special time at Emory. The students and staff are energized and inspired to begin again with a new term. The curriculum gets more exciting by the year and offers new opportunities to learn and grow. And, best of all, together we celebrate the marvelous tradition of alumni coming home to their university to reunite and reconnect. 

Fall is also the season during which we mark our university’s long tradition of service and social justice. As we approach the holidays, our thoughts turn to gratitude for our many blessings and, in turn, to compassion for those who are less fortunate. And each November, Emory gives back through community projects around the world.

The powerful reward that comes from being kind starts with a single yes. On November 9, Emory Cares International Service Day will mark its eleventh year of alumni sharing their expertise, hard work, and compassion with those in need. In partnership with Volunteer Emory, I am proud to say that more than nine thousand alumni have marked time to serve 118 organizations in thirty-five cities around the world. And that, my friends, is a truly heartwarming endeavor.

Please join us this Emory Cares International Service Day and register to participate in a service project today.

[emdash]Allison Dykes, Vice President for Alumni Relations

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