The Visit, 2013

An Uncommon Professor

His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama came to Emory for a three-day visit in October, making the most of every moment with an ambitious schedule of lectures and seminars, cultural celebrations, and academic exchanges. Wherever he went—from auditoriums to sanctuaries to quiet backstage spaces—he created a classroom.

The week marked the third trip to Emory for the Tibetan spiritual leader as a Presidential Distinguished Professor. Despite his international stature, the self-described “hopeless professor” proved an accessible teacher, creating frequent moments of connection and exchange with students, faculty, and staff across the campus.

In his opening lecture, the Dalai Lama challenged the next generation to turn the twenty-first century into “a peaceful century” through dialogue, respect, mindfulness, and fostering “a oneness with humanity.” “We must make every effort to build this century as a century of compassion,” he urged. “It can be done. I think actually action is more important than faith, than prayers. In order to carry off effective action, meaningful action, we need vision, we need enthusiasm.”

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