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Stephen Bowen

As we near the accomplishment of one critical goal, we are preparing to pursue a second goal that is equally vital to the future of Oxford College. In this and other publications, we have written about the dramatic changes to our campus facilities during the past few years. The restorations of Seney Hall; Phi Gamma; Williams Hall; and Language Hall; our spectacular new library; the construction now well underway of our newest student-residence, Fleming Hall; and the start of construction of our new science building in May 2014 are indications that we are on course to creating a campus that extends the legacy of Oxford College well into the twenty-first century. These facilities allow us to attract both faculty and students who understand Oxford’s emphasis on supportive community and faculty-student collaboration.

The next goal we need to tackle is equally vital to the future of the college: building our endowment for student scholarships. Colleges rely on this resource to fund the financial aid necessary to enroll a student body that is consistent with their educational ideals. Many of our peer colleges have endowments in excess of $250,000 per student. At Oxford, the endowment is $40,000 per student. We continue to provide financial aid to attract students who are a good fit with Oxford College, but in the absence of a robust endowment, much of that financial aid must be paid out of our current-year operating budget. This starves academic and campus life programs of funds that would support their growth and improvement.

But Oxford loves a challenge. You will be hearing more in the next few months about our specific endowment targets and how we hope to reach them. I hope you will join me in focusing on this goal. Thank you for all the ways you support Oxford College.

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