Most. Emory. Apps. Ever.

Total applications to Emory College exceeded twenty thousand for the Class of 2019, setting a new record in a successful undergraduate admission season for the university.

Across the board, by nearly every measure, markers of student interest in Emory have grown dramatically this year: Emory College applications rose 15 percent to 20,519, exceeding 20,000 for the first time; Oxford College applications jumped 31 percent to 9,736; applications to the highly selective Emory Scholars Program grew 108 percent to more than 6,700. For both campuses, admission letters went to an ever-widening pool of international applicants and—also for the first time—students in all fifty US states. Overall, Emory College admitted 4,796 students—23 percent of those who applied. Oxford College admitted 3,715, or 38 percent.

A sharp uptick in applications this year not only creates a stronger, more competitive pool of potential students, it has allowed Emory admission representatives more flexibility in shaping the Class of 2019, says Dean of Admission John Latting, assistant vice provost of undergraduate enrollment.

The surge in applications at Emory’s Oxford and Atlanta campuses this year can be attributed to both a strengthening economy and the cumulative effect of a range of achievements that have helped showcase the university’s strengths, Latting adds. “Good things are happening on many fronts at the same time,” Latting says. “More people are hearing the Emory name, and hearing it for good reason.” 

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