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Sarah Cook

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Dear Friends, 

What does the future hold? Where will life take me? As we explore what it means to be part of a global alumni community, we continue to ask ourselves these important questions.

Change, we know, is constant. Careers begin and pivot, relationships and families grow, and life often takes us down paths we can never fully anticipate. There is an unending sense of wonder and expectation.

As Emory alumni, you are part of a vast global network of individuals with myriad skills and connections. When you try to envision your own future, ask yourself which career connections can help get you there. Who might have the experience to inform your journey?

I encourage you to reach out to your fellow alumni around the world. Meet and get to know them through social events and virtual networking like @AlwaysEmory on Twitter. This summer, we are excited to launch a new comprehensive online alumni community platform to help you maintain career contacts, stay abreast of activities, and keep in touch with Emory and fellow alumni. Watch for details through our website.

Explore the world of infinite possibility together with your fellow alumni.


—Sarah Cook 95C, Senior Associate Vice President for Alumni Affairs

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