Bringing Emory Everywhere

Incoming president seeks to engage fellow grads

Ashley Grice

As the Emory Alumni Board (EAB) begins the new year, we are pleased to introduce our newest board members. Please see below for information about each of them. They are enthusiastic and engaged alumni, and along with their peers on the board, well-equipped for the year ahead.

Under the leadership of incoming EAB President Ashley Grice 97MPH 03MBA, the board will focus attention this year on raising Emory’s profile in the community, through engagement, service, and storytelling.

“This year, we have established a goal of raising Emory’s profile in the community, not just here in Atlanta, but in the thousands of global communities that are your own hometowns. To quote the oft-repeated phrase, ‘Emory is everywhere you are,’ ” Grice says. “Every day, you each have the opportunity to represent Emory through participation in chapter events, community volunteerism, current and future student outreach, and peer-to-peer collaboration.”

New board members include: Chris Arrendale 99Ox 01C, Moses Kim 01C, Megan McCamey 01T, Martha Pacini 82C 82G, Jane Preiser 81C , Mark Shurett 73Ox 75C 80D, and Joshua Teplitzky 82C 86B 86L.

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