Leading with Intention

Emory College charts a course for the path ahead

Michael A. Elliott
Emory Photo/Video

New research initiatives in the natural sciences, social justice, and the creative arts will help undergraduates prepare to address the most pressing issues of the future while also raising the profile of Emory College of Arts and Sciences. The college has launched an ambitious set of strategic priorities set to advance the school as a leader for the liberal arts and sciences, both within the university and beyond.

“Anytime there is a conversation in our society about the impact and value of the liberal arts, Emory should be in the heart of it, to be a model institution people will follow,” says Michael A. Elliott, dean of Emory College.

To that end, the college’s plan, “Leading the Liberal Arts and Sciences,” places renewed focus on the discovery of knowledge, the creation of new works, and the pursuit of paradigm-shifting research with broad impact. Another area of importance is increased investment in building faculty excellence and providing an exceptional student experience—and amplifying the impact of both. The college’s work will tie in closely with the university’s strategic plan, which is expected to launch in fall 2018.

“The intersection of education and research is what makes Emory such an essential institution for our world,” says Elliott. “This plan strongly ties the success of Emory College and the university to each other, and I have no doubt we can set the standard for what a liberal arts research university can achieve.”

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