I'm always pleased to receive my Emory Magazine (winter 2018). It not only keeps me informed about goings-on but reminds me what a treasure a diverse, caring, courageous liberal arts institution like Emory is in our local community, in our nation, and in our troubled world. Emory is a beacon for scholarship, a balm to unnecessary suffering, and a champion in the quest for truth. I particularly enjoyed the winter 2018 special research issue. My goodness! The exciting challenges that are being undertaken and conquered by our faculty and students make me proud. Finally, I offer a suggestion: you thoughtfully provide information about an individual’s association to Emory with a code after his or her name, such as 04MBA or 07PhD, which are easy enough to figure out. However, others like 48MR, 77T, 85C, 10PH are less obvious. Wouldn’t it be good to have a legend on the back cover or on the table of contents page explaining all the codes? Perhaps it’s there and I’ve missed it. If so, can you make it more conspicuous? If not, can you add it? A related note: as an alum, I’m not only interested in classmates but also faculty and staff who might have touched my life. A faculty and staff section at the end of the class notes section would be a welcome addition for readers and a nod of recognition to those important contributors to the Emory experience. Keep up the good work.

Don Caskey 71G, Lula

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your kind words and excellent suggestion. We have reinstituted the practice of including an updated legend of Emory degree designations, which you will find at the beginning of the class notes section.

As an Emory College Alum, I applaud your coverage of the cutting-edge work of Dr. “O” and Dr. “Ram” (Outpacing Cancer, winter 2018). My wife, Penny, was one of their patients, and these two and others at Winship and Emory are unsung heroes. Articles like yours give more detail of the complexities of their work, and I hope might stir more investment—from government budgets especially, and charitable donations as well. Penny died less than two years after her diagnosis, but we were profoundly impacted by the dedication, brilliance, and empathy of these two giants in the cancer world. I don’t think the Atlanta area gives Emory enough credit for the jewel in our midst. Thank you for shining the light.

Richard Hill 84C,Atlanta

Dr. Ken Walker has been a friend since 1955 when I started at Oxford (The Courage to Care, spring 2018; Tribute: Kenneth Walker). Even then he was a mentor to this young freshman. At “Big Emory” we roomed in adjacent rooms, and he continued to be a great influence on my going to medical school. Although he was in medicine and I in surgery, our paths crossed over the years. I wish it had been more. He will be missed by all he has guided in medicine and patient care. Ken Walker was a true physician who knew the practice of medicine was an art and a science. He did both in an outstanding manner. As is said in the navy, Bravo Zulu, friend. (Job well done.)

Rear Admiral (Ret.) James R. Fowler 57Ox 64M 73MR, Former Surgeon General, US Navy Reserve, Salt Lake City, Utah

Thank you for writing that beautiful article (The Courage to Care, spring 2018). He was everything you said and more. He was my special friend for forty-five years.

Doris T. Robinson, Atlanta

I really enjoyed two articles from the 2018 winter magazine, Hanging by a Thread and Tracing the Footsteps of Emory’s Indiana Jones. For the first, the story really put me in the mood. It set the right tone. And in that same spirit, I continued to read the second story, what a treat! I only wish the story had included a link to the web app; I almost don’t believe it exists. I can sure imagine the responsibility of turning those old pages must have weighed heavily on the young Hoover.

Cody Scoles 11C, Roswell

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your letter. At your suggestion, we have added the link to Andrew Hoover’s interactive map to the web version of the story.

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