Three eminent scholars in Latinx studies are joining Emory College's faculty

Latinx Studies

Rocío Zambrana, acting associate professor of philosophy, began at Emory this fall with an upper-level undergraduate class on Latin American and Caribbean feminism, which focuses on the intersections of thought that examine race, power, gender, and class.

A graphic illustration of a map of Latin America.  North America is navy blue, the Caribbean is gold, Central America is gold, and South America is teal.

Bernard Fraga, an acting associate professor of political science and well-known public scholar on American elections and racial/ethnic politics, and Nicole Guidotti-Hernández, an acting professor of English and founding chair of the Department of Mexican American and Latina/o Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, arrive next June. All three scholars will join Emory as senior faculty members. As leaders in their respective disciplines, Zambrana, Fraga, and Guidotti-Hernández bring a commitment to scholarly inquiry and new courses on Latinx communities, cultures, experiences, and identities, as well as essential mentorship for graduate and undergraduate students. “This is an outstanding cohort of leaders in the growing interdisciplinary field of Latinx studies, and we eagerly anticipate their contributions and collaborations within their disciplines and across the humanities and social sciences,” says Carla Freeman, senior associate dean for faculty in Emory College, who led the recruitment and hiring process.

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