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From the Heart

Looking back through his nearly forty-year career, cardiovascular surgeon and Emory distinguished professor Omar Lattouf 74C 77G 80M 85MR 88MR vividly recounts his experiences as a heart surgeon from his education and residency training through later years as an independent surgeon in Heartfelt Stories: The Life of a Heart Surgeon. Lattouf, who dedicated himself to providing care to patients suffering from numerous cardiac aliments, reflects on the hardships and triumphs of his career. Lattouf will donate all proceeds from the book to support cardiovascular education and patient care.

Political Philosopher

Edited by Gregory McBrayer 01C, this book contains new, annotated, and literal yet accessible translations of the Greek philosopher, historian, soldier, and mercenary Xenophon's eight shorter writings. The writings are accompanied by interpretive essays, including one by McBrayer, that reveal these works to be masterful achievements by a serious thinker of the first rank who raises important moral, political, and philosophical questions. By bringing together Xenophon's shorter writings, this volume aims to help those interested in Xenophon to better understand the core of his thought, political as well as philosophical. McBrayer is assistant professor of political science and director of core curriculum at Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio.

Only Human

In The Trouble with Human Nature, author Elizabeth Dixon Whitaker 95PhD brings together biological and cross-cultural evidence to critically examine common preconceptions and challenge popular assumptions about human nature. The book sets out to counter genetic and evolutionary myths about human variation and behavior, drawing on both biological and cultural anthropology, as well as disciplines including psychology, economics, and sociology. Chapters address the interrelated topics of health and disease, gender and other differences, and violence and conflict. Whitaker calls into question the presumed natural foundation for social inequalities and sheds light on both the constraints and possibilities inherent in the human condition.

Mind and Spirit

With her first book, Psychosis or Mystical Religious Experience? A New Paradigm Grounded in Psychology and Reformed Theology, author Susan L. DeHoff 95T presents a new paradigm for distinguishing psychotic and mystical religious experiences. In order to explore how Presbyterian pastors differentiate such events, DeHoff draws from Reformed theology, psychological theory, and robust qualitative research to present a new paradigm considering the similarities, differences, and possible overlap of psychotic and mystical religious experiences. DeHoff is a transition pastor at Whitinsville Presbyterian Church, a pastoral counselor with AAPC Fellow, and a visiting scholar at Boston University.

What's in the Box

Deliverability is the art and science of getting emails into the inbox. In Deliverability Inferno: Helping Email Marketers Understand the Journey from Purgatory to Paradise, author Christopher L. Arrendale 99Ox 01C of Atlanta explains the ins and outs of getting your marketing emails into your recipient's Inbox. The book dives deep into multiple areas of email deliverability including bounces, complaints, spam traps, content, authentication, compliance, and promises to teach marketers how to better deliver emails to the major ISPs, network filters, and mailbox providers.

Bone Deep

The Appalachian region stretches from Mississippi to New York, encompassing rural areas as well as cities from Birmingham to Pittsburgh. Though Appalachia's people are as diverse as its terrain, few other regions in America are as burdened with stereotypes. Author Frank X Walker coined the term "Affrilachian" to give identity and voice to people of African descent from this region and to highlight Appalachia's multicultural identity. This act inspired a group of gifted artists, the Affrilachian Poets, to begin working together and using their writing to defy persistent stereotypes of Appalachia as a racially and culturally homogenized region. In Black Bone: 25 Years of the Affrilachian Poets, author Jeremy D. Paden 04PhD offers a collection of both new and classic work and features submissions from Frank X Walker, Nikky Finney, Gerald Coleman, Crystal Wilkinson, Kelly Norman Ellis, and many others.

For Better or For Worse

Many people want stronger marriages, but few know how to create them. This dilemma is at the crux of The Marriage Counseling Workbook: 8 Steps to a Strong and Lasting Relationship by author Emily Tingling Cook 08C. In her private marriage counseling practice, Cook helps couples pinpoint the cause of their troubles and recreate a deep, lasting connection. The Marriage Counseling Workbook offers step-by-step marriage counseling exercises for learning to talk about the tough issues and build ongoing skills for healthy communication, providing the tools and support to achieve a stronger, healthier marriage.

Merry? Happy?

The rate of interfaith marriage in the United States has risen so radically since the sixties that it is difficult to recall how taboo the practice once was. Drawing on ethnographic and historical sources, Beyond Chrismukkah: The Christian-Jewish Interfaith Family in the United States author Samira K. Mehta 13PhD provides a fascinating analysis of wives, husbands, children, and their extended families in interfaith homes; religious leaders; and the social and cultural milieu surrounding mixed marriages among Jews, Catholics, and Protestants. Mehta argues that the emergence of multiculturalism helped generate new terms by which interfaith families felt empowered to shape their lived religious practices in ways and degrees previously unknown, intertwining religious identities without compromising their social standing.

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