News Makers: Helping Shape the National Discourse on COVID-19

A diverse array of media outlets—from CNN and NPR to The New York Times and Scientific American—turned to Emory physicians, researchers, economists, political scientists, and epidemiologists, as trusted sources on the coronavirus and its wide-ranging impacts.

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Emory infectious disease expert Carlos Del Rio speaking before news cameras

Pivot Points: 4 Emory Courses Reinvented

With the move to distance learning last spring, Emory faculty had to step back and re-evaluate how they taught their in-person classes in online environments such as Zoom. The unexpected exercise turned out to be a golden opportunity for many, leading to new discoveries and innovations that heightened the educational experience for students and teachers alike.

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Sparking Educational Evolution

The forced experiment of remote learning gave faculty and staff at Emory and Oxford colleges a prime opportunity to rethink the way they teach and to try innovative new approaches. Not only did this lead to exciting discoveries, but it also proved that in-person, residential education holds immense value.

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Illustration of a teacher wearing a face-covering at the blackboard

Bridging the Divides: Reckoning and Reconciliation

As COVID-19 took hold, a parallel pandemic of racial injustice, social inequity, and political divisiveness further shook our nation. Vaccines have arrived to halt the coronavirus, but Emory faculty and alumni wonder: What will heal our systemic schisms?

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Illustration of the Georgia Capitol building flanked by a black-power fist and an I am a Georgia Voter sticker.

Preparing for the Next Pandemic

With more than 570,000 U.S. deaths on their minds, Emory’s infectious disease physicians and epidemiologists take a hard look at the lessons learned from our tragic mistakes—and surprising successes—so we can be ready for the public health emergencies to come.

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Illustration of a mask, syringe, stethoscope and a laptop on the tabletop of a vaccination station.

Object Lessons: Visualizing the New Economy

Expert Emory alumni and faculty members share 10 key observations about our economic future following a year of business and market upheavals caused by COVID-19 and other factors.

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Illustration of a baker in the kitchen, surrounded by bread, and wearing a face-covering.