What Babies Know

By using high-tech equipment to peer into the minds of babies, Emory researchers are discovering that infants are more sophisticated perceivers, feelers, and thinkers than we previously thought.

By Mary J. Loftus

Sidebar: Who are you and what have you done with my baby?

Sidebar: What can be expected during baby’s first year

Clarity of Vision

Time spent volunteering in an optometric clinic in Honduras has taught Emory alumna Laura Barlament the difference between +300 and +250 bifocals--and given her the clarity that comes from being utterly humbled.

By Laura Barlament 01PhD

Of Primates and People

In his latest book, Yerkes primatologist Frans de Waal uses the dramatically different chimpanzee and bonobo to introduce us to our inner ape, offering a more complete picture of evolutionary human behavior.

By Paige P. Parvin 96G

Sidebar: Seventy-five years of discovery

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Agents of Change

From funds dedicated to global health care to outreach programs in Atlanta's Hispanic community, donors' contributions to Emory are changing lives and transforming the world in ways large and small.

The 2005 Emory University Donor Report

By Stacey Jones and Jane Howell




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