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Lord of Misrule
Born in the nineteenth century, the enduring (and endearing) Dooley clatters jauntily into the twenty-first.

By Gary Hauk ’91Ph.D.

Enigma: The Haunting of Uppergate House
On a cold evening in 1971, Mike Wilhoit encountered something that scared him so thoroughly he never worked alone at night in the house again.

By Richard Hermes ’98C

EM Legacy: The Beckham Family
The Beckham family legacy extends back to the Civil War.

By Sharla A. Paul


The Emory Century
A sampling of the most significant events at Emory in the last one hundred years.

Compiled by
Andrew W.M. Beierle and Richard Hermes ’98C

Wonderful Woodruffs
A special section
By Sharla A. Paul

The Ubiquitous Woodruff
Hardly a building or an academic department exists at Emory that hasn’t been touched by the Woodruff Endowment Fund.
Living up to the Legacy
On the twentieth anniversary of the landmark Woodruff gift, we visit with eight extraordinary alumni who were direct beneficiaries of the Woodruffs’ munificence.
The Return of the
Bright Brigade

Nineteen years ago, a dozen diverse freshmen entered Emory College as the inaugural class of Woodruff Scholars. We found eleven of them. (Toby Meek, where are you?)

Emory Medalists
The University honors nine of its own.

By Sharla A. Paul


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