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In Harm’s Way

Emory alumni are living and working in Iraq and Afghanistan as soldiers, chaplains, surgeons, and contractors. From meetings within the presidential palace in the International Zone to handing out “peace papers” in remote villages, they provide a view of the conflict that is up-close and personal. By Mary J. Loftus

BONUS CONTENT: “Policing the Police”—Essay by Nate Chittick 01C, on working with local Iraqi police.

BONUS CONTENT: E-mails Home to Dad—Specialist Jeff Jackson 04C has been e-mailing his dad, Nathan, since his deployment in psychological operations.

• FIRST PERSON: An Unlikely Path: Major William B. Britt ’85L recounts his experiences in Diwaniyah, Iraq, where he helped rebuild that nation’s legal system.

D.C. Marvels

Washington, D.C., is home to scores of alumni who are making their mark in every corner of the country's power seat. Last summer, a few spoke to Emory Magazine on topics from chemistry to cricket and publishing to prisoners. By Paige P. Parvin 96G







London Calling

The prestigious Westminster Abbey was the setting for the inaugural gathering of Emory's first international advisory board, seguing into an alumni event with a decidedly international flavor. By Paige P. Parvin 96G

The Emory Register

Dear friends

Alumni Ink

Adventures in Paradise

AEA career counseling

Linking alumni abroad: New AEA chapters appear in Europe


‘While he’s been gone’

Veterinarian Kirstin Mix 93Ox 94C, of Houston, misses all the “little things” about her husband,   Mike Williams 92Ox 94C, who is serving in Farah, Afghanistan, as a physician and captain in the U.S. Army.




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