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Editor’s note: In the autumn issue of Emory Magazine, the TIME magazine cover, copyright 1966 Time Inc., was reprinted with permission, and the TIME magazine cover design was used with permission..

I am writing in appreciation of the excellent article “The Revolutionary” by Paige Parvin. Seldom has my work been presented so effectively in such brief compass. Her article makes clear the deep support which I once received from Emory at a time of public furor. I continue to be grateful for that, but it is also important to remember that Emory was then a radical center and I hope that this will never be lost.
Thomas J. J. Altizer
Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania

The Fall magazine was full of interesting articles regarding the “Is God Dead?” controversy. I read it from cover to cover and truly enjoyed every word written. Thank you for comprising this work of art—this one is a “keeper” for anyone’s library.
Gail Giambrone, 97MDiv
Auburn, Alabama

The most recent issue of Emory Magazine is fabulous! Thanks to you and your staff for a wonderful issue highlighting the commitment and diversity of Emory University! As a Candler graduate who worked with the dean of the chapel, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Harshita’s family, Wesley Fellowship, and Dr. Wagner’s article. As one who works in a church-related institution and who is fascinated (to say the least) in how we live into that relationship, I was inspired and challenged by the magazine.
Reverend Lisa Garvin 03T
Chaplain, Millsaps College
Jackson, Mississippi

Congratulations on another stellar issue of the magazine! I loved the way in which the theming carried throughout the issue. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!
Brad Catherman 79C

I just want to compliment you on the recent issues of Emory Magazine for being so relevant and enlightening. I didn’t know about Emory’s Autism Center, which is such good news (I have a delightful grandson diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome). And the piece on Dr. Thomas J. J. Altizer updated me on one of the most memorable professors I had at Emory. Especially in today’s precarious environment, I frequently reference what I learned in his world religions class.
Joanna Hanes-Lahr 61C
Annapolis, Maryland

I found the cover of the [autumn] Emory Magazine offensive and a cheap attempt to garner attention. Admittedly, after opening the magazine and reading a few articles on the topic, I understand that religion is alive and well at Emory, and therefore I was less offended. In a time when publicity stunts are the norm, I would assume that such a venerable institution as Emory University would not wish to be associated with such antics.
Scott Dinkins 98PH
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

The Autumn issue of EM tackles, in such powerful and provocative ways, many issues that need to be brought to the forefront but are not, because of so-called political correctness—or even timidity. You did a sterling job of addressing many of them. The coverage was broad and comprehensive, as well as knowledgeable. I am still assimilating all you have brought up, and am amazed at the freshness and voracity of this issue. It is a sterling publication, as dramatic and thought-provoking as when the TIME cover first appeared forty years ago.
Marian Heilbrun 75G

I found your article, “The Revolutionary,” describing Professor Thomas Altizer’s relationship with Emory and his “death of God” theory thought-provoking. I do appreciate the doctrine of the United Methodist Church that allows for individual beliefs and that we can disagree without being disagreeable. This doctrine leaves us to have a personal and not institutional relationship with the almighty God.
John C. Lawrence 65M
Rabun Gap, Georgia

I WAS STUNNED and dismayed to discover that in an issue devoted to the study of religion at Emory, there is not one essay in the feature section devoted to the study of religion at Candler School of Theology. The picture in Emory Magazine renders one of Emory’s most important resources invisible.
Gail O’Day 83G
Associate Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs and A. H. Shatford Professor of New Testament and Preaching, Candler School of Theology

I have just excitedly finished reading just about every word of the Autumn 2006 issue of Emory Magazine that arrived this week. What an informative, enlightening, broad combination of articles on religions and world happenings to stimulate a thinking readership. The full magazine is both a challenge and encouragement. Thanks for a great job. Keep it up.
Rev. Grady W. Mills II 67T
Darlington, South Carolina

Shame on you. You have seriously misrepresented the religious character of the University. I have been away from Emory for some time, but my guess is that many of our Emory community are atheists, non-believers, brights, or perhaps closet atheists. Your articles would lead one to believe that Emory is a hotbed of superstition and supernaturalism. That is not a good image to project if we hope to attract the best students and faculty. And I just don't believe it.
M. C. Mykel 67L
Lavonia, Georgia


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