The Power of Pictures

Although we think of cartoons as comic relief, they also serve as a poignant reflection of political life; recall the weeping Statue of Liberty penned by the Atlanta Journal- Constitution’s Mike Luckovich after 9/11. In that spirit, Emory’s Claus M. Halle Institute for Global Learning presented “Cartooning for Peace: The Responsibility of Political Cartoonists as Journalists” in October at the United Nations (UN) Headquarters. Fourteen cartoonists—including Luckovich—from ten different countries gathered for the one-day seminar, part of the UN’s “Unlearning Intolerance” seminar series. “Cartooning for Peace” is the brainchild of Plantu, the French newspaper Le Monde’s political cartoonist. This cartoon was created by Baha Boukhari, a cartoonist from Palestine, during the event.



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