The Olympics Report

Games to affect purchasing, delivery

One of the areas of the University most affected by the Olympic Games will be the purchasing and delivery of products and services. Rex Hardaway, director of Procurement and Materiel Services, has met with a number of vendors to discuss the impact.

*Federal Express and United Parcel Service (UPS): Federal Express and UPS are surveying Emory customers to determine when offices and departments will be open. Hardaway's office is exploring the need for a back-up delivery location where offices can pick up missed packages. Federal Express probably will make only one early morning delivery/pick-up run to campus daily, and Hardaway warned that departments should refrain from "impromptu pick-up requests." Currently, Emory receives approximately 900 Federal Express packages each month at 187 pick-up and delivery points.

*Campus mail: The Emory Post Office is anticipating making only one delivery a day to departments during the Olympics; departments are being asked to state a preference for morning or afternoon deliveries. Window service hours in Dobbs Center probably will be available from 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Delivery of campus mail to the Grady campus probably will take an additional day because of the hospital's location inside the Olympic ring. Mail deliveries to remote locations such as Grady, Crawford Long and The Carter Center will likely be on an early morning schedule with no midday run.

*Perishable laboratory supplies: The University currently receives approximately 10 shipments a day of perishable laboratory supplies. Hardaway is encouraging departments to stockpile as many of those supplies as possible before July 1.

*Bottled water: The company that supplies the University with bottled water also is the official supplier for the Olympics. Departments are urged to stock up before the Olympics, since it may not be possible to get deliveries during that time.

*Van and car rentals: These are expected to be in short supply if not impossible to obtain, according to Hardaway.

*Installations, repairs: Departments are urged not to schedule any type of installations, moves or repairs during the Olympics.

*Computer equipment rental: Any rental of additional computer equipment should be done in the near future, said Hardaway; closer to the time of the Olympics, that equipment will be in short supply and will be very costly.

*Surplus property: Any department wishing to have items removed to Surplus Property needs to make that request no later than July 1.

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