Should professional athletes be required to be tested for the AIDS virus?

Adam Saltzman
"Yes. I think it should be mandatory, so that they are not going to hurt one another, infect one another."

Charles Andrews
Director, Space Management
Medical School Administration
"No. What's the point? Mandatory testing of athletes is absurd. There just happen to have been a few high profile athletes who've tested positive. We need to educate people and make them aware and not scapegoat people."

Kelvin Reese
"I think that professional athletes should be tested for AIDS especially in a contact sport, any time the transfer of fluids is possible."

Maria Carthon
Financial Aid Office
"I don't think they should be required because it's an invasion of privacy. Where do we draw the line? What about other contagious diseases?"

Anita Haynes
Financial Aid Office
"I think that they should be tested depending on how physical the sport is. I'm thinking of boxing and the case of Magic Johnson. To me, if there is any chance that another person could be infected, then they should know."

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