Emory Report

September 8, 1998

 Volume 51, No. 3

Emory, Carter Center, Coca-Cola announce Americas partnership

The Coca-Cola Company is partnering with Emory and The Carter Center to help improve the lives of Latin Americans by creating educational opportunities and a forum to address issues of concern to hemispheric relations.

A $1.5 million gift from the company will launch a program called "Forging a New Partnership Between The United States and Latin America." Funding will be split evenly between scholarships for 15 Latin American students to study at the graduate and business schools and a series of high-level conferences at The Carter Center over the next five years to help enhance trade and U.S.-Latin American relations.

"At The Coca-Cola Company, we believe partnerships drive economic growth," said Timothy Haas, president of Coca-Cola's Latin America Group. "We hope our contribution links The Carter Center, Emory and Latin America in a way that fosters a constructive exchange of ideas and an excitement about community development."

The gift to The Carter Center will help initiate a multi-year project called "Transparency for Growth in the Americas," which will establish a model for developing countries to strengthen investment potential.

The project will include a high-level meeting of current and former heads of state from throughout the Americas at The Carter Center May 4-5, 1999, in conjunction with the annual CNN World Report Conference for international reporters. The contribution also will support conferences at the center on additional topics of hemispheric significance through the year 2002.

"Corruption is a serious obstacle to stronger democratic institutions and economic development," said Jennifer McCoy, director of The Carter Center's Latin American and Caribbean Program. "The center will work with governments and civil society to develop monitoring mechanisms that help ensure transparency in transactions between government and business."

At the May conference, leaders will report on and evaluate specific anti-corruption efforts and seek commitments from other governments to implement similar strategies in their own countries.

The Latin America/Coca-Cola Fellowships will provide an annual stipend for six graduate school students in areas such as political science, history or economics and will cover a portion of tuition for nine students entering the MBA program. Funds also will be available for research, travel and academic programs related to Latin America.

"These scholarships allow Emory to recruit and train some of the truly exceptional students in Latin America interested in business, politics, economics and other areas so important in the world of the 21st century," President Bill Chace said. "We can now encourage students in Latin America who are interested in these areas to attend Emory because of the generosity of Coca-Cola."

--Jan Gleason

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