Emory Report

May 30, 2000

 Volume 52, No. 34


Recognition of the retiring members of Emory's faculty, administration and staff was held at this year's graduation ceremony. Below are the names and departments of retiring individuals, along with the year they began working at the university.

Faculty and Administrators

Earl Barton, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (1981)

Eugene Bianchi, Religion (1968)

Mary Ann Brown, Obstetrics/Gynecology (1988)

Carol Burns, Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library (1974)

Elizabeth Cross, EUH (1984)

Charles Foster, Theology (1988)

Roger Foster, Surgery (1992)

P. Bailey Francis, Medicine (1974)

Ronald Frank, Dean, Goizueta Business School (1989)

Thad Taehyung Ghim, Pediatrics (1978)

Kenneth Gould, Yerkes (1973)

Charles Hatcher, Jr., Surgery and Director Emeritus, Woodruff Health Sciences Center (1962)

Stephen Hersey, Physiology (1970)

James Hoffman, Radiology (1965)

Helen Horton, Career Center (1961)

Josko Jerkunica, Chemistry (1975)

Kenneth Jorgenson, Facilites Management Division (1988)

Jyh-Fa Kuo, Pharmacology (1972)

John Michael Lane, Family and Preventive Medicine (1972)

John Magnotta, Yerkes (1978)

William Mallard, Theology (1957)

Frank Manley, English (1964)

Janet Paul Marion, Pediatrics (1975)

Donald McCormick, Biochemistry (1979)

William McKibben, Oxford College (1974)

James McMahon, German Studies (1964)

Maxwell Miller, Theology (1967)

William Murdy, Dean, Oxford College (1959)

Ronald Nadler, Yerkes (1971)

Jesse Nipper, Facilites Management Division (1984)

David O'Brien III, Urology, (1973)

Donald Reichard, Educational Studies (1970)

Garland Richmond, German Studies (1963)

Raymond Shapira, Biochemistry (1957)

Ayten Someren, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (1962)

Helen Pearson Smith, Theology (1981)

Johannes Tigges, Cell Biology/Yerkes (1966)

James Cecil Toole, Gynecology and Obstetrics (1990)

Joyce Weinzettel, Surgery (1985)

Thomas Whitesides, Orthopedics (1953)

Michael Wilhoit, ITD (1967)

James Wilson, Cell Biology (1982)


Staff (25 or more years of service)

Sybil Bridges, School of Medicine (1974)

Syble Cox, Nursing Tech, CLH (1962)

Macie Dennis, Laboratory Assistant, EUH (1958)

Franzetta Green, Environmental Services, CLH (1970)

Nellie Ingram, LPN, EUH (1968)

Arizona Jackson, Custodian (1973)

Maurice Jackson, Senior Custodian (1971)

In Ok Kwon, Registered Nurse, CLH (1972)

June Maxwell Mann, Administrative Assistant (1969)

Claudia McCrary, Unit Clerk, EUH (1966)

Linda Miller, Radiology (1971)

Carolyn Mitchell, Laboratory Assistant, EUH (1970)

Bessie Richardson, Food Service Attendent (1974)

Angelo Sanchez, Radiology (1972)

Winifred Scherer, Biochemistry (1969)

Elizabeth Schoener, Registered Nurse, EUH (1968)

Annie Scruggs, Nursing Tech, EUH (1971)

Annie Cora Sneed, Environmental Services, CLH (1961)

Linda Southern, Nurse Clinician, EUH (1963)

Dr. Jean Torbit, Yerkes (1979)

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