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February 23, 2009
Volume 61, Number 21



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February 23
, 2009
Through the lens of global health

By robin tricoles

Each of the nearly 150 photographs, shot in low resource countries, tells its own story. Some of them break hearts. Others warm them. And still others inspire. Each is a breathtakingly intimate look into the lives and surroundings of people a world away.

These photographs make up the Emory Global Health Institute’s inaugural photography contest. Each was taken by an Emory student during a global health field experience.

Five winning photographers were honored at a Feb. 18 reception celebrating their work. These winners received a $500 prize and a certificate recognizing their accomplishment:

• Brian Chu, Rollins School of Public Health
• Julia Phillips, Rollins School of Public Health graduate
• Rita Jen, Rollins School of Public Health
• Jonathan Sherrill, Physician Assistant Program graduate
• Heidi Soeters, Rollins School of Public Health

“When we received the submissions to our 2008 contest, we were really taken aback by their high quality, their beauty, and the stories behind them. We all said that the judges would have a difficult time making choices, and it turns out we were right,” says Global Health Institute Director Jeffrey Koplan.

“A little over a year ago I began a discussion with my friend Bob Yellowlees about the Emory Global Health Institute, and how one of our goals was to bring different disciplines together at the University to explore global health issues,” Koplan explains. “Bob is an excellent photographer, and together we began exploring ways to combine his interest in photography with his interest in global health issues. We agreed that a student photography contest would be a good way to bridge global health and the fine arts.”

Interested in entering the next contest? Visit: www.globalhealth.emory.edu/fundingOpportunities/Photog.php.

Photo by: Julia PhiLlips

Photo by: Heidi Soeters

Photo by: Rita Jen

Photo by: Jonathan Sherrill