FAQ (frequently asked questions) on Intelnet

What makes the Intelnet different from other Internet sites in the humanities?
( 1) its interdisciplinary orientation (2) which does not mean dilettantism and does not neglect the requirements of intellectual rigor and professional responsibility (3) but presupposes concentration on new ideas rather than demonstration of professional erudition.

What is the purpose of the Bank of New Ideas?
To present new ideas to the public consciousness and to provide a public forum to creative minds. This is the intellectual "interest" that each author gains from his or her deposit.

How will the novelty of my idea be confirmed and recognized?
Unlike the technical disciplines, there are no patents for new ideas in the humanities. However, the Bank of New Ideas provides the authors with the best possible certificates: the date of your submission is registered and indicates your priority in the eyes of posterity.

Are there any restrictions on the number of submissions?
No. You are invited to deposit as many ideas as you can produce and want to share.

Are there any restrictions on the disciplinary range of ideas?
Yes, there are.
Not accepted: ideas in technology, mathematics, natural sciences, empirical social sciences, any empirical or critical ideas limited to one disciplinary field.
Examples of unacceptable ideas: a) Writer X. borrowed this motif from writer Z. b) The results of this social poll show that... c).The following mistakes can be found in the monography of Y.
The most desirable ideas are constructive rather than critical and cross-disciplinary rather than monodisciplinary.

Can I deposit an idea that was already publicised in other form (book, article, conference paper)?
Yes, you can, if this idea is exposed in a capsule form and meets the demands of originality and transdisciplinarity. However, it is recommendable that you use this unique space for ideas that had no chance to be publicised in a different manner.

Does any user have an access to all ideas accumulated in the Bank?
Yes. Just click the Directory of new ideas, thematic, or Directory of new ideas, chronological and select the topic or idea of your interest. The Intelnet is a cyberspace open to all visitors.

Is there any copyright for the ideas submitted to the Bank?
The authors of new ideas retain the copyright for their submissions (texts) and can use them as they find appropriate.

Can I cite in my work passages from the materials collected in the Intelnet?
Yes, you can. References to the source, its author and the Intelnet are obligatory.

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