It is better to voice ten fallacious ideas than to silence a single valid one

You are invited to submit here your original ideas which cross the boundaries of existing disciplines, or lay the foundation for a new discipline, or introduce a new paradigm into an existing discipline. The Intelnet will provide the dissemination and discussion of your ideas and will establish your priority by marking the date of submission (the date will be stamped automatically on your submission).

Immediately after the submission of your idea it will be placed in the Bank (Repository) and will be open for every user on the Internet. You can find it here, in the THE REPOSITORY OF NEW IDEAS.

For more detailed guidelines on the modes of evaluation of new ideas refer to Bank of New Ideas. Principles and Criteria.

Several suggested areas for innovative thinking:

  • 1.New cognitive concepts and research methods in the humanities
  • 2.New disciplines and fields of scholarship
  • 3.New artistic and literary movements
  • 4.New styles of behavior
  • 5.New spiritual practices and and religions
  • 6.New comprehensive metaphysical principles and systems
  • 7.Metaphysics of everyday life
  • 8. Alternative civilizations
  • 9. Possible worlds

    The genre of an exposition: scholarly discourse or analytical essay. Please, no fiction or poetry.

    It would be probably easier for you to enter the description of your idea by coping it from your regular program/ files and pasting it in the window"the summary of your idea." But you can also print it directly in the window.

    Please, enter the requested information in the windows below. If you prefer you can skip all the questions, except for your name, e-mail address and the idea itself.

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