Guidelines and forms for the submission of thinklinks

You are invited to establish thinklinks - analytical connections among various subject areas on the Internet

ThinkLinks is not just an intellectual game or an exercise in creativity, but a meta-cyberspace where all other spaces (areas, disciplines) come into interaction.

Please, connect two or more subject areas in a single logical discourse or analytical essay. Size is limited from 1 to 4 pages, or from 300 to 1200 words.

Areas must be connected essentially and analytically, not just through personal preferences or idiosyncratic associations. (For example, statements like "I like to read Hegel when flying by an airplane," or "Two things I hate most of all are philosophy and mathematics" do not comprise a thinklink).

Penetrate your text with these multidisciplinary links leading to various locations on the Internet. Keep links to an optimal number (from 2 to 8 links for a relatively short text are recommendable).

Immediately after the submission of your thinklink it will be placed in the Collection of Thinklinks and will be open for every user on the Internet. You can find it here.

For more explanations on the nature and tasks of ThinkLinks click here .

For an example of a thinklink click here.

The following index of possible thematic areas includes abbreviations convenient for the titles and registration of thinklinks. You can add your own abbreviations for the areas you link in your texts. It is desirable to use international roots ending with "o." Certainly, you can submit thinklinks under any title you find appropriate.


  • 1. Sophio - philosophy, metaphysics
  • 2. Psycho - psychology
  • 3. Ethno - ethnicity, nation
  • 4. Cosmo - cosmos, outer space
  • 5. Geo - geology, Earth
  • 6. Techno - technology
  • 7. Lingvo - language and linguistics
  • 8. Gastro - gastronomy, food

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