The Award Citation

.c1.Social Innovations Awards 1995;

.c.The best ideas of 1995 - the most imaginative, feasible and potentially transformative schemes

.c.The Bank of New Ideas

The Creativity Social Innovations Award 1995 goes to The Bank of New Ideas, a new Internet World Wide Web area launched by ex-Muscovite Mikhail N. Epstein of Emory University, Atlanta, USA. He sees it as the electronic equivalent of Plato's Academy, and it grows out of his non-electronic Club of Essayists in Moscow in the early 80s. The Bank of New Ideas is devoted to trans-disciplinary thinking and the creation of new paradigms. Mikhail N. Epstein (Epshtein), Associate Professor, Department of Russian Studies, 403 Candler Library, Emory University, Atlanta, GA 30322 (tel 727-2594; e-mail: ). See World Wide Web page and see page 196 of Best Ideas.

Bank of New Ideas. Principles and Criteria