The Intelnet is an "Intellectual Network," one of many intellectual sites on the Internet. What makes the Intelnet special is an attempt to realize and implement new intellectual possiblities opened with the Internet as a whole. Not only the word "Intelnet" sounds like "Internet," but the former is an intellectual replica of the latter. The Intelnet is an attempt to connect on intellectual and spiritual levels those cyberspaces that can be connected electronically.

The Internet can connect electronically everything to everything: ideas, disciplines, professions, and civilizations. Our capacity to understand and interpret these potentially infinite digital links is, however, limited by the traditional division of intellectual labor. For the time being the Internet, as a creation of a technical mind, by far exceeds the conceptual capacities of a humanistic mind.

The Intelnet is an attempt to bring the humanistic "message" of the Internet in line with its electronic "media," to elaborate the methodology of thinking adequately to the multi-dimensionality and inter-connectedness of the contemporary cyberspace. The Intelnet is a response of human intellect to the Internet's challenge, a response of the creative mind to the challenge of the expanding electronic universe.

Thus the Intelnet sets three goals and accordingly supports three branches:

1). To advance new ideas that reconfigure the paradigms of humanistic knowledge and transcend the borders of existing disciplines. The Bank of New Ideas

2). To investigate meaningful connections of concepts and ideas among the diversity of disciplines. ThinkLinks

3). To elaborate the methodology of a new humanistic metadiscipline responsive to the demands and possibilities of an electronic environment. Intelnetics


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