Mikhail Epstein (Epshtein)

Photo by Mikhail Lemkhin

A Cultural Hero of the Soviet Era Looks to the Future,
by Peter Monaghan (Chronicle of Higher Education, Nov. 22, 2002)

"Mikhail Epstein's Transcultural Visions," by Anesa Miller-Pogacar

"Mikhail Epstein," an article for the Dictionary of Russian literature, by Thomas Epstein

             Literary Humility: The Case of Russia Under its Old Regimes,
by Caryl Emerson

Introduction to Mikhail Epstein, by Mary Cappello

From Gutenberg to InteLnet
(the cyber-theories of Michael Epstein and Umberto Eco), by Angelina Banovikj - Markovska

Who I am and why I decided to start the InteLnet (1995)

Amerussia. On the acception of Liberty Prize (New York, 2000)