A Lexicon of Neologisms.  Mikhail Epstein (Emory University)



                              Everyday Life


 dunch  n (a word-portmanteau,  blend of "lunch" and "dinner"; cf. brunch) - a small meal between lunch and dinner in the late afternoon or early evening (about 3- 5 pm.).


     This is a more appropriate word for an intermediate meal than the once suggested "linner."  Dunch is a lighter meal, more similar to lunch than to dinner. Accordingly the word is more brief (one syllable) and follows the pattern of another recently coined meal - "brunch." The need for such a term reflects the proliferation of social occasions in contemporary urban life, as well as the ubiquity of food and opportunities to partake of it.


Dunch usually includes tea or coffee with cookies, sometimes fruits or a light salad.


For tomorrow, I have already scheduled lunch and dinner with my colleagues. Let's have a dunch together.                        


                                                    *    *    *


traf  v (back-formation from "traffic") - to drive in heavy traffic, to be held in traffic, to trail in slow traffic. 


Back-formation is the creation of a simpler or shorter form from a pre-existing more complex form: "edit" from "editor," "intuit from intuition." Thus,  "traf" from "traffic." 


I traffed for an hour before I could get home.


Traffing is a school of patience.



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