Emory University Counseling Center
Group Offerings – Fall 2007

For many Emory students group counseling is the very best way to get the help that they need. Groups are open to registered Emory students. They are free of any charge and participation is confidential. Group meeting times will be based on expressed interest and student needs.

Please call 404.727.7450 for more information and to schedule a screening appointment.


Circle of Sisters
Group Facilitators: Pam Epps, Ph.D. and Lynyetta Willis, Ph.D.
Description: Support group for African American women who are graduate or professional students: A safe place to talk about your experiences, to hear from others, and to grow together. Topics discussed may include relationships, self-esteem and identity, spirituality, strategies for coping with challenges, and resources for personal growth.

Eating Disorder’s Group
Group Facilitators: Cynthia Whitehead-LaBoo, Ph.D. and Katie Ganske, M.A.
Description: This group will benefit students who would like to discuss feelings and explore issues related to eating disorders and body image.

Graduate Women’s Group
Group Facilitators: Mary Lisa Henry, M.S.W., Ph.D. and Claudia Brasfield, M.S.
Description: The purpose of this therapy group is to help members explore why they think, feel and act in the manner they do.  Awareness of this kind can often lead to greater freedom in making life choices.  The group process enables members to support and challenge others, as well as be supported and challenged. Group process often leads to greater awareness of the impact one has on others.

Mindfulness Group
Group Facilitators: Faughn Adams, Psy.D. and Daniel Crosby
Description: Drawing on the Buddhist contemplative tradition, as well as Western psychological principles, this 90-minute group harmonizes these two traditions in a pragmatic and easily understood format. Increased mindfulness has a variety of aims, including but not limited to increased life satisfaction, improved ability to deal with stress and anxiety, spiritual growth, and the amelioration of feelings of sadness. The group welcomes the mindfulness-savvy as well as novices, in the spirit of communal learning and edification.        

Out at Emory Group
Group Facilitators: Ben Stillman, Psy.D. and Sharon Harp
Description: Support group for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, and/or questioning. While issues regarding sexual identity are often explored, this group aims to provide students with a safe environment in which to explore other aspects of their lives, including but not limited to academics, spirituality, family relationships, other interpersonal relationships, and coping with intolerance.