Emeritus College

In 1998, a group of regular, full-time faculty at Emory—headed by Eugene Bianchi of the Department of Religion, John Bugge of the Department of English and the Emory Chapter of the American Association of University Professors--began to develop an emeritus program at Emory. In 2001 the Emory University Emeritus College (EUEC) was formally established as an association of Emory retired faculty and staff.

Vision Statement

The Emory University Emeritus College is an association of Emory retired faculty and administrative staff established to advance the intellectual and creative interests of its members, to maintain their social connections with University colleagues, to provide them opportunities for service to the University and the wider community, and to offer them a forum for commentary on issues of broad public interest.

Mission Statement

The Emeritus College seeks to achieve its purposes, foremost among them its members’ development, by promoting cross-disciplinary intellectual exchange through lectures and discussions, by supporting research, by providing opportunities for continued teaching and mentoring, by participating in University and community service projects, and by recognizing the achievements of its members.

It also seeks to act as an advocate for the interests of retired faculty and staff and to cooperate with other institutions in a national movement to create and promote faculty retirement associations.

Join us as we seek to provide opportunities for continued intellectual, creative and collegial engagement of emeritus faculty and staff with the University and in service to the University. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please call 404.712.8834.