Distinguished Emeritus and Service Awards

The distinguished emeritus title is granted to faculty whose professional contributions—before and since retirement—to Emory, its affiliated institutions, communities and professional organizations, reflect the spirit of Emory. Service Awards (SA) are granted to any EUEC member who has significant, documented contributions of service to Emory, its affiliated institutions as well as to local, state, regional, national or international communities or other organizations that reflect the spirit of Emory.

A selection committee evaluates nominations, and up to four Emeritus College faculty members are chosen for the Distinguished Emeritus Award (DEA). At least one EUEC member is eligible for the EUEC Service Award. Accomplishments are evaluated beginning with retirement and beyond.

Congratulations to all past and present DEA/SA recipients!

2019 Awards 

Heilbrun Awards

  • Oded Borowski, Professor Emeritus of Biblical Archaeology and Hebrew
  • Kristin Mann, Professor Emerita of History

Distinguished Faculty Awards

  • David Eltis, Professor Emeritus of History
  • Joseph E. Hardison, Professor Emeritus of Medicine
  • Holly York, Senior Lecturer Emerita of French

Distinguished Service Award

  • Helen O’Shea, Professor Emerita of Nursing

2018 Awards

Heilbrun Awards

  • Ann Hartle, Professor Emerita of Philosophy
  • John Lucchesi, ASA Griggs Candler Professor Emeritus of Biology

Distinguished Faculty Awards

  • Ron Gould, Goodrich C. White Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
  • Corinne Katz, Professor Emerita of Anthropology