Faculty Retirement

Retirement should not be the end of one’s faculty life but rather a transition to a new phase of faculty life—one that in many ways can be richer and more stimulating. Emeritus College offer a variety of resources to help in your transition.

Financial Planning. Financial planning needs to begin as soon as one is employed. Several of our recent Retirement Seminars have focused on issues of financial planning and can be viewed here.

Retirement Planning. Planning for a healthy retirement ideally begins several years before one’s retirement date. The Retirement Resources tab lists several important resources. One is our Steps to Retirement brochure, which outlines in short form a suggested plan of action in the years preceding retirement. There is also a list of readings you might find helpful. You might also find many of our recorded Retirement Seminars helpful in understanding various aspects of retirement.

Retirement Mentoring. An excellent way to plan for the retirement transition is taking part in our one-on-one retirement mentoring program with a trained, already-retired Emeritus College member. More information can be found here.

Planning for Health Care. Choosing a health care plan upon retirement can be confusing. Human Resources offers information about the various options for retiree health care plans offered by Emory. Our health care newsletter is not meant to replace HR information but offers our own perspective on what plans would likely be most suitable, which may help you understand how much you should budget for retiree health care. Contact Gray Crouse for a copy of the newsletter. 

Programs and retirement-related resources are available to Emory faculty, staff, and members of the Emory community.