Organic materials account for about 27% of the total waste in Georgia landfills and food residuals make up 44% of those organics. 

Emory Recycles has partnered with Southern Green Industries to continue it's mission to establish a comprehensive composting program for Emory's campus. Composting organic materials has a direct return in creating a usable soil amendment that is used on campus grounds.

first compost delivery

 Our composting program collects food waste, animal bedding and wood waste from campus and sends it to an industrial composting facility.  

Compost collection equipment can be found in bathrooms and kitchen areas as well as recycling rooms in Residence Halls.  Please take any food, paper soiled by food, and wax paper products to a compost collection container.

Compost collections are available for special events involving food waste.. Make your next event zero-waste - contact Deena Keeler, 727-9275 or Claire Wall, 712-8921 for more information.

Campus Composting program totals for 2015

Food Waste diverted 699 tons, Wood Waste diverted 37 tons, and Animal Bedding diverted 231 tons
Total Organic Waste Diverted from landfill = 967 tons