What We Compost



  • All food waste and scraps (including meat, dairy, cooked food)
  • Tea bags, coffee grounds, and paper filters
  • Napkins, paper towels & tissues 
  • Beige compostable flatware
  • Paper cups and paper to-go containers (including waxed)
  • Any cup or container labeled "compostable"
  • Wood coffee stirrers
  • Pizza boxes (and other cardboard or paper-based food containers with grease or food waste that cannot be removed)
  • Anything made from organic matter


Not Compostable

  • plastic to-go containers, plastic plates, cups, & utensils
  • plastic lids, straws, and creamer containers
  • cardboard items lined with plastic
  • produce baskets or netting
  • plastic wrap
  • latex and plastic gloves
  • foil
  • rubber bands
  • condiment packets
  • cocoa packets
  • plastic-coated tea bags

Is Your Container Compostable?

IF YES, put container and food into compost bin

IF NO, scrape food into compost bin and recycle the container (or put in trash if Styrofoam)