Event Composting

Serving Food At Your Event

Please request containers for compost collections in your event planning.

All Special Event Composting Orders should be placed through Campus Services Work Management  Please include the following information in your  work order:

  • Contact Name and phone number
  • Time, Location and Estimated Guest count of event
  • Food Menu, Caterer & type of serviceware being used 
  • Date and time for composting container delivery
  • Other recyclables that will be present (aluminum cans, glass bottles, etc.)
  • Specify if you need containers serviced during and/or after the event

                       Compostable wareFood scraps

Emory's Sustainable Events Program encourages event planners inside the Emory community to embrace sustainability principles when organizing their events.  To participate in this program, please complete the Sustainable Events Checklist.  After completing the checklist, you will be contacted by the Office of Sustainability Initiatives (OSI) to confirm your certification level.  For more information about the program, go to OSI’s Sustainable Event page.

Special Event Containers

Cardboard Special Event Container         Special Event Container

Zero Waste Orientation