Commodity (n):
1) An economic good: as a product of a recycling collection
2) Something useful or valued


Aluminum Cans

Virtually all metal beverage containers are made of aluminum, though some specialty drinks come in tin containers. Aluminum is not attracted to a magnet. Empty cans and remove them from bags or boxes.

All aluminum collected at Emory is baled (compresssed into cubes) and taken to Newell Recycling in East Point, Georgia for further processing.

Corrugated Cardboard

Moving boxes, shipping boxes, and furniture boxes are typically made of corrugated cardboard. Remove all packing materials and breakdown.
Not Accepted: Waxed cardboard or cardboard soiled with food. Paperboard is not Corrugated Cardboard. Recycle paperboard in mixed paper bins.

All cardboard collected at Emory is baled (compressed into cubes). The bales are picked up by Pratt Industries and taken to Pratt's paper mill in Conyers, Georgia for further processing

Clear, Brown and Green Glass

Sort glass by color, removing labels is not necessary. Rinsing containers is also not necessary though they must be EMPTY. Food jars must be empty of all food residue and rinsed. 
Not Accepted: light bulbs, auto (safety) glass, Pyrex, ceramics or mirrors

All glass collected at Emory is seperated by color and stored in 30-yard open tops down at the Recycling Center. Republic hauls the open tops to Strategic Materials in East Point, Georgia for further processing.

Mixed Paper

This is a low quality grade of paper, which includes most anything found in a filing cabinet, magazines and newspaper. Examples include:
- colored paper
- newspaper and magazines
- phone books
- journals
- brown paper packaging
- cardstock-based materials such as file folders, paper bags, and paperboard
(i.e. cereal boxes, beverage boxes) 
Not Accepted: ream wrap, blueprints, NCR paper, waxed paper or carbonless copy paper.

All mixed paper collected is dumped into a 40-yard open top and hauled off by Pratt Industries in Conyers, Georgia for further processing.

Plastics #1-#6

Plastic must be EMPTY. Only items with #1-#6 are accepted. 
Not Accepted: Styrofoam and #7 plastics. Items with food contamination.

All plastics collected at Emory are placed in a 40 yard compactor, picked up by Pratt Industries and hauled to their single stream MRF located in College Park for further processing.

Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal includes any metal besides tin and aluminum. 
Not Accepted: Aerosol cans, Batteries or Pieces of Batteries, Barrels, Drums, Pails, Steel Cable and wire, Cast Iron Borings or Turnings.

Scrap Metal box is picked-up by Republic and taken to Newell Recycling for further processing.

White Paper

White paper is a very high grade paper and one of Emory Recycles most valuable commodities. A good guide to determine whether paper is “white” is to tear it. If the paper is white inside the tear, it is considered white paper.
Examples of acceptable material:
- copier paper
- letterhead
- notebook paper, even if slightly off white
- White paper with colored print or with staples is acceptable
- The Emory Report is printed on white paper.
- Business envelopes without windows (or with windows removed) are acceptable.

All white paper collected at Emory is baled (compressed into cubes). The bales are hauled off by Pratt Industries for further processing.


Hardback and paperback books are collected for donating, recycling or resale by Better World Books Drop-off located in the DUC and at the Recycling Center

Electronic Waste

For recycling of electronics, use the link below to request Library & Information Technology Services (LITS) services.

If you would like to speak to a representative to discuss your needs, please call 404-727-7777.

Hard to Recycle Items

Hard to Recycle Stations Locations

Materials Recycled at Hard to Recycle Stations (click to see map) include:

  • Batteries - all battery types are accpted.  Please tape terminals.
  • Used Bulbs - incandescent, flurorescent, CFL, halogen are accepted.  Please place into container CAREFULLY
  • Aerosal Cans - please empty cans
  • Glass - all colors.  Please place in containers carefully.
  • Ink-jet and Toner Cartridges - used or empty cartridges
  • Styrofoam - clean, non-food related containers only.  Please no food contamination.